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No 24 (2017): Taboo Taboo in the Next Room: Lesbian Suicide in Lillian Hellman’s The Children’s Hour Abstract   PDF
Angus Young
No 16 (2013): Un/Natural Histories Tales of Torment: Death, Nature, and Genre in Keri Hulme’s Short Story Collection Te Kaihau/The Windeater Abstract   PDF
Justine Seran
No 08 (2009): Technologies Technology and Perception in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire: A Reflection on Time, Space and Memory in the Postmodern Metropolis Abstract   PDF
Silia Kaplan
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror Terrorism and Its Metaphors Abstract   PDF
Mark Fabiano
No 15 (2012): Imitation and Repetition The Archontic Holmes: Understanding adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories in the context of Jacques Derrida's “Archive” Abstract   PDF
Suzanne R. Black
No 12 (2011): Authenticity The Authentic Artwork? The Paris Review Author Interview Abstract   PDF
Becky Roach
No 12 (2011): Authenticity The Burden of Authentic Expression in the Later Poetry of Geoffrey Hill Abstract   PDF
Jack Baker
No 18 (2014): Cliché The Cliché as Complaint and Critique Abstract   PDF
Jakob Norberg
No 05 (2007): Apocalypse Now The Critical Mass of Language: Post-Trinity Representation Abstract   PDF
Daniel F. Spoth
No 23 (2016): Readers and Writers The Editorial Beginnings of the First Chemical Journal Abstract   PDF
Anna Gielas
No 20 (2015): After the Good Life The End of the Good Life: Literary Representations of Suburbia and the American Nightmare Abstract   PDF
Joanna Wilson
No 13 (2011): Revenge The Face of Comic Revenge in Jonson's Alchemist Abstract   PDF
Michelle Brown
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror The Grotesque Sublime: Play with Terror Abstract   PDF
Shun-liang Chao
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms The Hauntology of Media Addiction Abstract   PDF
Eva Zekany
No 08 (2009): Technologies The Independent Inventor: Hero or Fool? Abstract   PDF
Ron Westrum
No 09 (2009): Voice/s The inevitable need to speak in order to be: On the loss of voice in two plays by Timberlake Wertenbaker Abstract   PDF
Sophie Bush
No 01 (2005): Origins & Originality The Kuleshov Effect and the Death of the Auteur Abstract   PDF
Michael Russell
No 01 (2005): Origins & Originality The Life and Death of the Avant-garde on the Battlefield of Rhetoric - and Beyond Abstract   PDF
Hubert van den Berg
2014: Special Issue 03: ReVision Conference The Lindisfarne Gospels: A Living Manuscript Abstract   PDF
Margaret Walker
2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference The Ludic Parody of Terry Pratchett Abstract   PDF
Camilla Ulleland Hoel
2008: Special Issue 02: Play Conference The Mad Man in the Attic: Playing with Gendered Literary Identity as Object and Muse in Iris Murdoch's The Good Apprentice and The Message to the Planet. Abstract   PDF
Emma Miller
No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror The Marquis de Sade's The 120 Days of Sodom: Revelling in the Natural Law of Libertinage Abstract   PDF
Amanda Di Ponio
No 19 (2014): The New Materialisms The Material Poetics of Fabien Bürgy: Reflections on Spikes Abstract   PDF
Renata Lemos Morais
No 21 (2015): Private/Public The Modern City as an Oeuvre: Theory and Practice of The Production of Space in Henri Lefebvre’s “Intellectual Activism” and European Street Art Abstract
Marie Chabbert
No 15 (2012): Imitation and Repetition The New Creatures of Difference: A Look at the Concept of Repetition Within Dissipative Systems Theory Abstract   PDF
Robert Drury King
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