Special Issue 03: ReVision Conference

0 0 2014

On 15-16 July 2013, FORUM organised their third conference entitled ReVision: Editing Across Disciplines. In this conference, participants were invited to explore the variety of practices and concepts of editing across disciplines and as they appear in different historical and cultural contexts, as well as to reflect on the opportunities, goals and challenges of contemporary editing and publishing.

The dynamic life of cultural products is often masked by illusions of textual stability. Processes of editing have always had a radical impact on the arts and their reception; from Herodotus’s ‘editing’ of history, the editing of Chaucer's brilliant but foul language, Beardsley's censored drawings in Wilde's editions, Luis Buñuel's unique montage editing to the work of Venuti and the rise of disciplines such as History of the Book. Furthermore, current economic pressures and rapid technological changes raise the question of the future of the ‘text’ in a digital age.

The Guest Contribution to this issue is based on one of the workshops delivered at this conference: Kenna Olsen’s (Mount Royal University) "Editing the Middle Ages: Medieval Manuscripts, Hypertexts, Academe and Beyond." Selected papers from the conference are gathered here in Special Issue 03, including: a comparative analysis of film editing strategies; an exploration of the narrative and mnemonic powers of place; a diachronic analysis of the changes to the Lindisfarne Gospels; an analysis of documentary editing strategies; an intermedial exploration of music in book and film; and an examination of textual strategies in the negotiation of fame.

Editors: Victoria Anker & Laura Chapot

Review Team Autumn 2013: Georgina Barker*, Philippa Chun*, Glynnis Cox*, Marta Dabrowka, Yanbing Er*, Jan Gobrecht, Olivia Ho, Vicki Madden*, Dominique Mason*, Cat Schaupp, Lizzie Stewart. Article Editors are marked with a star(*)

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Realising (re)vision, manipulating manoeuvres: editing the English Middle Ages PDF
Kenna L. Olsen


Editing in Leone's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966) and Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch (1969) PDF
Keith Hennessey Brown
Music in Film and Literature through Shen Congwen’s Editing of the Script of The Border Town PDF
Qianwei He
Local Explanations: Editing a Sense of Place in Walter Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border PDF
Lucy Macrae
Editing for Public Consumption: the Use of Documentary Film in the Promotion of New Zealand’s Mental Hospitals PDF
Rebecca McLaughlan
Editing Lives/Rewriting Public Identity: Celebrity and Authorship in Martin Amis’s Experience PDF
Sally Mitchell
The Lindisfarne Gospels: A Living Manuscript PDF
Margaret Walker