No 01 (2005)

Origins & Originality

0 01 2005

The inaugural issue of FORUM, on the theme of "Origins and Originality".

Editors: Lisa Otty & Matt McGuire

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

The Life and Death of the Avant-garde on the Battlefield of Rhetoric - and Beyond PDF
Hubert van den Berg


Becoming Origin(al): Deterritorialization and Postcolonial Theory from the Caribbean PDF
William Christopher Brown
Genesis, the Origin, and Darwin's autobiographies PDF
Alexis Harley
Myths of Origin and Myths of the Future in Larissa Lai's Salt Fish Girl PDF
Elizabeth C. Harmer
Finding the Poem - Modern Gaelic Verse and the Contact Zone
Corinna Krause
Jean-Luc Godard and Roy Lichtenstein: Originality, Reflexivity, and the Re-Presented Image PDF
Daniel Yacavone
Lord Byron and George Eliot: Embracing National Identity in Daniel Deronda PDF
Denise Tischler Millstein
The Phantom Walking the Text: The Death of the Author Reconsidered. PDF
Sten Moslund
Timeless and (Un)original : the Role of Gossip in R.K. Narayan's The Man-Eater of Malgudi and The Painter of Signs PDF
James Peacock
The Kuleshov Effect and the Death of the Auteur PDF
Michael Russell
Angelopoulos' Ulysses Gaze: Where the Old meets the New PDF
Vangelis Makriyannakis


Catherine Labio, Origins and the Enlightenment: Aesthetic Epistemology from Descartes to Kant. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2004. 193 pp. PDF
Joe Hughes