No 02 (2006)

Fear & Terror

0 02 2006

The spring edition of FORUM addresses the interrelated concepts of terror and fear and aims to explore the various ways in which these ideas are addressed within philosophy, art, music, literature and film. Within our contemporary society terror and fear have adopted a new relevancy and, as the arts are direct commentators on the prevalent attitudes of the era, FORUM’s objective is to discover the way in which the arts have confronted terror and fear both within our time and in previous ages.

Editors: Joe Hughes & Beth Schroeder

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Desperado Literature: A Rewriting of Fear as Terror, as Illustrated by Ian Mc Ewan’s Saturday (2005) PDF
Lidia Vianu


“Bonnie und Kleid”: Female Terrorists and the Hysterical Feminine PDF
Clare Bielby
Notes on the Terror Film PDF
Keith Brown
The Grotesque Sublime: Play with Terror PDF
Shun-liang Chao
The Marquis de Sade's The 120 Days of Sodom: Revelling in the Natural Law of Libertinage PDF
Amanda Di Ponio
Terrorism and Its Metaphors PDF
Mark Fabiano
Re-reading Adorno: The 'after-Auschwitz' Aporia PDF
Elaine Martin
Sensationalism and Supersensibility: Eighteenth-Century Literary Terror Divided PDF
Christopher Stokes


Review: Terry Eagleton. Holy Terror Oxford UP, 2005. 160 pp. PDF
Claire Altree