No 07 (2008)


0 07 2008

Haunting is a form of un/knowing.

The 7th issue of FORUM engages with haunting and related concepts such as the uncanny, spectrality and the trace by looking at a variety of different texts and contexts. A spirited piece on clipping as an instance of spectral writing is followed by reflections on the apparition in its wide-ranging ontological, epistemological and ethical significance. The articles offer spectral readings of different media from literature and film to the radio and apply the idea of haunting to a variety of topics and issues including intertextuality in Ackroyd, Shakespeare’s agentive objects, the palimpsestic poetics of Argento’s Opera, the spectres of radio technology, post-memory and the Holocaust, and the ethics of Dicken’s ghostly Christmas.

In its entirety, the issue powerfully illustrates the manifold uses of haunting as a means of approaching that which is effaced or absent, but nevertheless makes itself known in unexpected and disruptive ways.

Editors: Jack Burton & Jana Funke

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Clipping PDF
Nicholas Royle
Apparitions PDF
Kas Saghafi


“But who is to say what is fake and what is real?” – Spectral and Textual Haunting in Peter Ackroyd’s Chatterton PDF
Stefanie Albers
Moving Like a Ghost: Tarquin’s Specter and Agentive Objects in The Rape of Lucrece, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth PDF
Lizz Angelo
Palimpsest, Pasolini, Poe and Poetics, or the phantoms haunting Dario Argento’s Opera (1987) PDF
Keith Hennessey Brown
Ge-stell and the Specters of the Spectrum PDF
Erik Eppel
The Shoah Simulacrum: postmemory and spectral homecoming in Maxim Biller’s novella “Harlem Holocaust” PDF
Veronika Köver
Dickens’s Haunted Christmas: The Ethics of the Spectral Text PDF
Brad Fruhauff