No 08 (2009)


0 08 2009

Technologies allow us to interrogate what material objects, techniques and systems of knowledge are made and how they are produced.

The 8th issue of FORUM engages with a range of questions concerning the definitions, meanings, applications and representations of technologies. The three guest articles by distinguished technology scholars deal with technologies and embodiment in Doctor Who, Marcuse's aesthetics, and the figure of the independent inventor. The following articles explore the significance of technologies across the fields of literary and film studies, history and art history as well as media studies.

The wide variety of articles from different disciplines highlight the interdisciplinary nature of technologies, and the complexity of the term 'technology' itself.

Editors: Jana Funke & Lena Wånggren

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Mediating Human-Technology Relationships: Explorations of Hybridity, Humanity and Embodiment in Doctor Who PDF
Anne Cranny-Francis
Marcuse on Art and Technology PDF
Andrew Feenberg
The Independent Inventor: Hero or Fool? PDF
Ron Westrum


Fractured Bodies and Social Wounds: The Simulation of Trauma in J.G. Ballard’s Crash PDF
Panayiota Chrysochou
Technology and Perception in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire: A Reflection on Time, Space and Memory in the Postmodern Metropolis PDF
Silia Kaplan
On Dwarves and Scientists: Probing for Technological Ethics in the Creative Imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien PDF
Jeremy Kidwell
“a void rubbing out its own inscription”: Electronic Technology, Hypertext and the Paradox of Self-Erasure PDF
Luke Korzun Martin
The War Artists’ Advisory Committee, Aviation and the Nation during the Second World War PDF
Rebecca Searle
Not Just Ensemble Films: Six Degrees, Webs, Multiplexity and the Rise of Network Narratives PDF
Vivien Silvey
"Unleashing the Underdog": Technology of Place in Virginia Woolf's Flush PDF
Verita Sriratana
MY PROSTHETIC AND I: Identity Representation in Bodily Extension PDF
Elizabeth Wright