No 11 (2010)


0 11 2010

How do we go about answering the question 'Who am I'? Identity provides an important means of understanding the world, from the individual to the collective. Globalisation and modern technologies gather and separate individuals and communities, creating and redefining both singular and shared identities. Historical concepts and personas are re-imagined through contemporary lenses, modifying past identities while affecting modern views of the self. Much has been made of the freedom and power of fluid, shifting, and multiple identities, yet the notion of an authentic and essential identity remains. Such contestations are part of the language used to discuss identity, as the phrase 'identity crisis' indicates. Identity can be 'found' and 'lost', disputed, negotiated, and subverted.

How is identity formed, maintained, and defined? How far does identity rely on differentiation, and how much on identification? Is identity constructed, or intrinsic? Does it change, and if so, how? How can identity be approached, (re)presented, and analysed in art, film, literature, media, music, and theatre? With increasing globalisation and rapidly changing technology, we are challenged to both redefine and protect identity on multiple levels. How has this affected views, portrayals, and performance of identities? Conversely, how has identity been portrayed and constructed in the past?

Editors: Siobhan Fitzgerald & Elysse T. Meredith

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Introduction: Special Issue of FORUM on Identity PDF
Denise deCaires Narain 1 - 8
The New Individualist Perspective: Identity Transformations in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis PDF
Anthony Elliott 1 - 26


“What a story it could be”: Identity and Narrative Strategy in Ali Smith’s Like PDF
James Bailey 1 - 11
Creating Oneself as a Mother: Dreams, Reality and Identity in Doris Lessing’s the Fifth Child (1988) PDF
Anna Casablancas i Cervantes 1 - 10
Blazoning Mary Magdalene PDF
Sophie Gray 1 - 13
Surrealism and the ‘Fissured Subject’: Breton, Éluard, and Desnos PDF
James Leveque 1 - 21
Identity and Identification in Azouz Begag’s Le Gone du Chaâba and Béni ou le paradis privé PDF
Jonathan Lewis 1 - 14
The Sparrow’s Fall: Self’s Mergence with Identity in Louisa May Alcott’s Hospital Sketches PDF
Travis Martin 1 - 15
‘At Home in Dust’: Francesca Woodman’s House Series, Revisited PDF
Meaghan Thurston 1 - 12
Appropriating Identity: William Hogarth, Thomas Gainsborough, and Britain’s Myth of the Self-Made Man PDF
Jayme Yahr 1 - 14