No 13 (2011)


0 13 2011

"Vengeance offers the writer a compelling mix of ingredients: strong situations shaped by violence; ethical issues for debate; a volatile, emotive mixture of loss and agitated grievance. The avenger, isolated and vulnerable, can achieve heroic grandeur by coming to personify nemesis." – John Kerrigan, Revenge Tragedy

The Autumn 2011 issue of Forum explore issues relating to representations of revenge, in literature and film. The articles selected for inclusion discuss many of the motivations for, and responses to, the creative portrayal of acts of vengeance. These articles have been chosen for their breadth of theoretical approach and wide ranging chronological focus, in the hope of presenting an issue which surveys several creative manifestations of the revenge plot, reappraising the aesthetic and cultural implications of this "compelling mix of ingredients".

Editors: Dorothy Butchard & Barbara Vrachnas

Editorial Review Panel: Alicia Broggi, Alison Garden, Anna Sophia Watts, Caoimhe Rehill, Cecilia Bennett, Charlotte Hoare, Cosima Amelang, Eleanor Marsden, Emily Doucet, Emily Foister, Ersev Ersoy, Eystein Thanisch, Fionnuala Ruth Clara O'Neill, Gabriele Grundzinskaite, Ioana-Elena Batis, James Leveque, Jessica Johannesson, Jo Hsu, Katherine Stewart, Katie Zaun, Kwasu Tembo, Laura Jane Routledge, Lena Schneider, Lizzie Stewart, Maxim Shadurski, Melissa Rogers, Michael Munnik, Michelle Devereaux, Natalia Esling, Natasha Simonova, Nathalie Weidhase,  Nelly Reinhold, Nicola Bieg, Nina Malaika Engelhardt, Qianwei He, Roisin McKelvey, Ross Jamieson, Samantha Porter, Sarah Sharp, Stephanie Spoto, Sophie Clarke, Sophie Heuschling, Thomas Whitehead, Victoria Anker, Wiktoria Parysek, Yaqi Pang. 

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Preface: "On Revenge" PDF
Anna Maria Jones


Oral History and Revenge in Annie Proulx's "The Half-Skinned Steer" PDF
Ellen Boyd
The Face of Comic Revenge in Jonson's Alchemist PDF
Michelle Brown
Mammary Landscapes and Mother's Figure: Vengeance and matrilineal legacy in the poetic drama of W.H. Auden PDF
Andrew Campbell
Rape and Revenge in Graphic Detail: Neil Gaiman's "Calliope," in The Sandman Comic Series PDF
Justine Gieni
The Violation of Representation: Art, Argento and the Rape-Revenge Film PDF
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Seeking Vengeance: Revenge Tragedy, Coherence and Scepticism from Sophocles to Shakespeare PDF
Fionnuala ONeill
Madness and Revenge: Gendered False Consciousness in the Golden Age Crime Novel PDF
Samantha Walton
“Eat Shit and Die!”: Rereading power dynamics in fictional depictions of coprophagia PDF
Mike Witcombe
Revenge and Remake: Meir Zarchi's Day of the Woman and Steven Monroe's I Spit on Your Grave PDF
Nathalie S. Ingrassia