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2006: Special Issue 01: Evolutions

On 22–23 September 2006, the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh hosted an international, interdisciplinary conference on the themes of "evolutions," opening discussion to topics as diverse as Mao, the Bible, eugenics, rock music, animal rights, genre, and many others. For these two days, scholars (both students and staff) from across four continents working in the fields of theory, literature, linguistics, music, film, culture, and history came together to talk and share ideas. Inside are a natural selection of the papers, expanded and evolved into new and exciting fauna. 
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No 02 (2006): Fear & Terror

The spring edition of Forum addresses the interrelated concepts of terror and fear and aims to explore the various ways in which these ideas are addressed within philosophy, art, music, literature and film. Within our contemporary society terror and fear have adopted a new relevancy and, as the arts are direct commentators on the prevalent attitudes of the era, Forum’s objective is to discover the way in which the arts have confronted terror and fear both within our time and in previous ages.


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No 01 (2005): Origins & Originality

The inaugural issue of FORUM, on the theme of "Origins and Originality".

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