“Trust me, I’m telling you my life story”: Queer Return in the memoirs of Jeanette Winterson and Jackie Kay

  • Eileen Pollard Manchester Metropolitan University


This essay will consider the notion of ‘queer return’ through examining the experience of adoption in Jeanette Winterson’s Why be happy when you could be normal (2011) and Jackie Kay’s Red Dust Road (2010). I will use definitions of Derrida’s ‘eccentricity’ to expand the remit of the word queer.

Author Biography

Eileen Pollard, Manchester Metropolitan University
Eileen Pollard is currently in her third year of PhD study in the English department of Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Her thesis explores the writing of Hilary Mantel through the thought of Jacques Derrida. She has published several short articles on the work of Mantel, Virginia Woolf and Bernard Stiegler.