The Cliché as Complaint and Critique

  • Jakob Norberg Duke University


The cliché is a peripheral term in our critical vocabulary. Reviewers, critics, and editors speak of clichés, but dictionaries of critical terms rarely provide entries on the word. This paper asks whether pointing out clichés represents a form of critique or whether it is just quibbling, and how we draw the line between scrutiny and pedantry.

Author Biography

Jakob Norberg, Duke University
Jakob Norberg is an Assistant Professor of German at Duke University. His first book Sociability and Its Enemies: German Political Theory after 1945 (Northwestern University Press) was published in 2014. Articles of his have appeared in Arcadia, Cultural Critique, PMLA, Telos, Textual Practice, and other journals.
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Norberg, Jakob. 2014. “The Cliché As Complaint and Critique”. FORUM: University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of Culture & The Arts, no. 18 (May).
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